Rose Pearls capsules - food supplement from Alba Grups

Rose Pearls capsules - food supplement from Alba Grups

“ROSE PEARLS” is a GMO-free, natural product made of high-quality organic Rose Damascena oil from Bulgaria.

Rose Damascena, also known to the world as the Oil giving Rose from Kazanlak, is the queen of flowers and the Rose valley in Bulgaria has become her kingdom. Our rose plantations are located in to the village of Skobelevo - in the heart of Bulgaria, an ecologically clean area at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. In order to extract the essential ingredients of roses, our company Alba Grups uses water-steam technology, a technology with tradition in distillation. We use no chemicals in our process.

Hundreds of rose petals are needed to extract just one drop of rose oil. For a kilogram of rose oil we need about 4 tons of rose petals, nearly 1,660,000 freshly picked roses. Rose flowers are handpicked very early in the morning and are processed as fast as possible to keep the high quality of the oil. This makes it one of the most expensive essential oils in the world. Its quality, how it is used, and the way it benefits the body have been known to the world for centuries.

Rose Pearls capsules are a food supplement and benefit the digestive and urinary system. They help strengthen and bring the bodies systems into harmony, including the respiratory, reproductive and immune systems. Only three pearls a day will make you feel healthy, alive and energetic.

Why Take "Rose Pearls":

1 Have a beneficial effect on the digestive system

2 They act favorably on the excretory system

3 They contribute to the overall strengthening of the body

4 Assist in the general strengthening of the respiratory system

5 Support the genital system

6 They act generally stimulating

7 Increase immunity

8 The capsules contain no allergens

9 100% natural product without GMOs

10 The Queen of Flowers, a Rosa damascena assembled in only one capsule

The queen of flowers gathered in only one capsule.

Rose Pearls capsules - food supplement from Alba Grups
Rose Pearls capsules - food supplement from Alba Grups

About Alba Grups

Alba Grups LTD is a leading company in the production of Essential Bulgarian rose oil, rose water and other essential oil products. In recent years, the company has maintained a rapid development rate and become an important rose oil and rose water supplier on the local and global market. We at Alba Grups LTD have built up a reputation of providing the best quality essential oils to our customers.

The products of the company are very popular for their best quality. Alba Grups LTDspecializes in growing a variety of rose plants like Rosa damascena ,Rose Alba and as well as in production of the famous Bulgarian rose oil. The company is a producer of the highest quality Rose oil.

In order to guarantee the quality of our products we work in close collaboration with specialized independent laboratories to validate and certified our products. This certification guarantees the quality of our products, to ensure absolute confidence in our products within our worldwide customers.

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